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We'll buy your retro or vintage clothes! We are currently most on the search for  clothing from the 80's and prior.   If you have something you think is a standout, we may just wanna see it!   We only want to provide clothing in outstanding condition, much like you would like to purchase so if you think you have something take some pics of your items and send them along with good contact information.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!



A Special Note: If you like what you see and who we are, consider donating your threads to us! 


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Most Interested Items

  • Vintage T-Shirts (Music related)

  • Jeans

  • Women's Athletic Shoes

  • Clothing & Accessories.  90's and Y2K clothing

  • Dress Wear From 2000's & Before.

Sea Pollution

How We Give Back

Volunteers Cleaning Park

Eco Consciousness

Fast Fashion is a sped up version of the typical fashion cycle where clothing is made faster to meet consumer demands and keep up with the latest trends.  Garments are produced faster, delivered faster, and typically have shorter shelf life than their traditional counterparts. 


In today's market we have social media influencers who are photographed in a garment once and then don't want to be seen in the same outfit again publicly.  Most feel like they cannot be "trendsetters" unless they are always wearing a new outfit. In order to meet all these fast-moving requirements, fast fashion garments are more often than not made cheaply in economically depressed countries for substandard wages or even using slave labor.  

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