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Carefully Curated Vintage & Retro Fashion

Our goal is to help customers reduce their carbon footprint, reduce waste in landfills & give back to our community. We donate a portion of ALL OF OUR SALES to charity!

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Who We Are

Swan City Retro was started because of a love of fashion, and a desire to do something to help our planet.   We carefully curate our vintage and retro clothing with you in mind. 

We believe that we must all start being responsible for using our world's resources and some of the ways we can make a difference are by: 

  • Reducing the demands of fast fashion

  • Reducing the product and resource waste that ends up in our landfills

  • Minimizing our carbon footprint.

  • Ending slave labor associated with fast fashion.

Thrift Shop Worker

Recent Posts

Below you'll find recent news and articles on eco-friendly & ethical fashion!

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